Once a pillar of society - hence the name Warrener - the image of the ferreter in more recent times was one of dubiety as they were considered sly, devious folk, intent upon poaching game, but in many cases it was through necessity to provide the next meal. Fortunately this is not the case today. Many people consider ferreting a cheap and efficient method of rabbit control, and some members of the Society provide this service: contrary to what some believe the role of the ferret is to chase the rabbits - not to catch them. The ferreter nets the holes and catches and despatches the rabbits as humanely as possible.

We would like to point out that unless requested, ferreters do not attempt to exterminate the entire rabbit population as this would remove future ferreting activities. Ferreters do not make loud 'Bangs'. discharge firearms, poison ground, lay true or false baits or use chemicals of any type. We have the utmost respect for land, property and belongings, whomsoever the owner, and we shall continue to emphasise this point to all who will listen. This is to show that we are an aware section of the community who truly care for our natural habitat and surroundings.

If you intend to work your ferrets be sure you have 'Written permission' to go on the land and carry it with you, then if you are challenged you are in the clear. We would also recommend the use of an electronic 'ferret locator', so that you know where your ferret is when it is underground.