Breeding ferrets (or any animals) requires thought, time and more care than usual, and should not be taken on by a raw beginner. Take time, at least two years, to become acquainted with the needs of your ferrets before even considering producing your own stock.

The average litter of ferret kits is 6 - 8 but much larger litters are not uncommon. If you are seriously considering breeding. Have you thought about finding homes, really good homes for that many baby ferrets? Bear in mind that a jill is capable of having two litters in a year. Can you guarantee finding 20+ homes for your babies? If the answer is NO. . . . . DON'T BREED. It is far easier in the long run to buy in new stock when you need or want it than cause the jill any upset by breeding and producing lots of unwanted kits. There are usually far too many bred each year so why add to the problem?