Rudd (Scardinius erythrophthalmus)
  Features: Rudd are characterised by their golden green hue, scarlet fins and protruding lower jaw.
Spawning: They are sexually mature after 3 to 4 years and spawn from mid-May to early-June. Egg size is between 1.4 - 1.7 mm.
Fecundity: The average rudd produces 108,000 to 211,000 eggs/kg.
Longevity (age): They can live for up to 17 years.
Diet: Rudd is a shoaling fish species and feeds at or beneath the water surface. Surface feeding rudd are easily located by looking for the ripples they create as they rise to the surface to feed on floating insects.
Best Angling Methods: Float fishing mainly with small waggler floats.
  Best Baits: Maggots, bread, sweetcorn etc., and a small range of bread based groundbaits.
  Specimen Weight: 1 kg (2lbs 4ozs).
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