Ray (Raja spp)
  Information: Normally found in shallow water during the summer months. There are eight species of Ray recorded by anglers in Irish waters. They are the Thornback Ray (Raja clavata), Blonde Ray (Raja brachyura), Cuckoo Ray (Raja naevus), Electric Ray (Torpedo nobiliana), Homelyn Ray (Raja montagui), Undulate Ray (Raja undulata), Painted Ray (Raja microcellata) and the Sting Ray (Dasyatis pastinaca).
  Specimen Weight: Thornback - 9.07 kg (20lbs); Blonde - 11.34 kg (25lbs); Cuckoo - 2.04 kg (4.5lbs); Electric - 9.07 kg (20lbs); Homelyn - 2.27 kgs (5lbs); Undulate - 6.35 kgs (14lbs); Painted - 4.54 kg (10lbs); Sting - 13.60 kg (30lbs).
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