Perch (Perca fluvialtilis)

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"Perch and Stickleback" from
a painting by David Miller
Features: Perch are easily identified by their olive green colour and the distinctive vertical black stripes on their flanks. The pectoral fin, pelvic and tail fin are reddish in colour.
Spawning: Perch can mature at two years of age. Spawning takes place in early April to mid-May on aquatic weeds or submerged bushes or tree branches. Egg size is 2 - 2.5 mm.
Fecundity: The number of eggs produced by adults is circa 45,000 eggs/kg.
Longevity (age): Perch live for about 12 years.
Diet: Perch are fish eaters but they also feed on aquatic insects.
Best Angling Methods: Float fishing, ledgering and spinning.
  Best Baits: Maggots, worms, casters, a selection of small spinners, spoons and plugs and occasionally small dead fish for big specimens.
  Specimen Weight: 1.4 kg (3lbs)
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Country Sports and Country Life is indebted to David Miller for permision to reproduce examples of his fine paintings. To view further examples of his work visit his web site