General: Cross fertilisation between different species of fish gives rise to hybrids. In Ireland, the main hybrids are roach/bream and to a lesser extent rudd/roach. All these hybrid forms can develop into fertile adults producing viable eggs. The bream hybrids are a well sought after angling species and are renowned for their good fighting ability when hooked.
Diet: Insect larvae and molluscs.
Best Angling Methods: Float fishing with waggler, polaris and other floats; ledgering with arseley bombs and swimfeeder; long pole to hand or short line.
Best Baits: Maggots, worms, sweetcorn, casters, bread etc. with brown crumb and a range of continental groundbaits and flavourings.
Specimen Weight: for both the rudd/bream hybrid and the roach/bream hybrid is 1.4 kg (3lbs)
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